Monday, July 11, 2011

Constant cravings

"mmm...did somebody say steak?" I have been craving protein lately, most specifically juicy steak. And oranges. Go figure. I've been to the store for meat 3 times this past week. But yesterday I hit the jackpot! Mr. Mott had called from Home Depot needing my assistance with a large lumber purchase/hauling. So back out in the heat I went.

Turns out the wood was too big for my car too, so we had to call for backup. While we waited, a man was circling the parking lot talking to people. If you've ever visited the Midtown Home Depot, then you've probably been harassed by all sorts of different people in need. Ryan mentioned that he thought he heard the guy saying he needed gas money, so I put my downtown savvy big girl panties on and braced myself for the inevitable. Turns out it was the Street Meat Guy. The street meat guy comes through your neighborhood usually going door to door trying to sell you meat out of a freezer in his truck. Kinda sketchy huh? Totally! I would typically send this kind of flesh solicitation packing if both my parents and my sister hadn't had good luck with this very thing. And my need for beef is only getting worse, so I listened to his schpeal. Claims he ran out of gas on his route and had to turn off his freezer. So not only was he stranded in the Home Depot parking lot, but his precious meat was thawing in the 110 degree heat index early evening sun. He needed gas money, I needed meat and a sweet bargain was reached. 8 sirloins and 8 butterflied filets for $15! Can I get a "HELL YEAH!"

Thank you Street Meat Guy! Its steak night at my house for a couple weeks anyway. Hope you made it home

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