Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm gonna be some little girl's dad!

This was Ryan's revelation on the evening we found out we were having a girl. At 18 weeks along, we were lucky to be able to find out the gender of this bundle of joy during last week's ultrasound. Its a good thing too. Maybe he'll stop referring to our child as the parasite and start calling her our daughter or any other term of endearment that does not make me think of a tick or tapeworm.

Finding out the gender has changed the game somewhat. I was so sure she would be a he. Now instead of gender ambiguous nicknames (parasite, nugget. Not the "nugget" from Chelsea Handler books, but the chicken nugget she resembled at her first sonogram debut) and stammering over pronouns, I can be firm and confident in how I address my baby inutero. I feel the bond has grown, if that's even possible. And knowing the sex has given me free reign to start planning nursery design and colors in my head. I finally have an outlet for the pink and frilly girly things I've been longing to buy since my sister had her first of 2 sons. Don't misunderstand, I love both of my nephews and wouldn't trade them for the world, but if you've ever been surrounded by nothing but boys and family/friend boy babies for the past 10 years, you get my drift...

I'm not the only one, my parents and sister are as ecstatic as I am to have a soft and cudly bundle of cute frilly girlishness. Even my sister's mother-in-law has been inundated with boys for 40 years. So needless to say, this child will be spoiled.

But, it needs to be said that sonographers can be wrong. On our way out from our ultrasound appointment last week, we ran into our OB. She had just had a baby 3 weeks ago and I asked her how it went. She said it went well and that she had a girl, but had a funny look on her face. "It was supposed to be a boy". OOPS! So that still happens. Even to doctors. OBs at that! I feel that she should sue herself for malpractice. Highly embarrassing to say the least. So, of course Ryan is skeptical to fully believe in the tech's skills that we are indeed having a girl. But the "hamburger" (ugh!) is definitely apparent on the ultrasound. The 3 white lines were seen multiple times. BTW, I have to say that I had never heard this term and am utterly disgusted. Whoever in the hell came up with this should be shot in the groin with a hamburger. After they were told their privates resembled ground beef. You know it had to be a man.

So now that we know we're having a girl (I sure hope its a girl, otherwise my kid's gonna have to have a lot of therapy to get over the nickname "Princess" that was typed on the sonogram photo), there's sure to be a lot to chat/rant about as this process unfolds. Stay tuned and hope I have better luck blogging about this subject than my last blog try.


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  2. Love the title! Can't wait to read more. And... "hamburger"?!!! um...no.

  3. game ovaries! i totes see you as a girly mama. and don't get me started on the meat reference....ugh.

  4. Congrats! I felt the bond grow at that time definitely, it makes it more real whatever the gender I suspect.